Saturday, February 26, 2011

Murder at 10,000 feet

I've been following the story of Otzi the Iceman for years, ever since his incredibly well-preserved cadaver was discovered defrosting in the Alps (who says global warming is all bad?).  Otzi had been hit by an arrow shortly before he died and may have been clubbed to death as he lay wounded in the snow.  Did he owe someone money?  In any case, if this kind of thing has been going on the Alps for the last fifty-three centuries, its really no wonder why the Swiss are always armed to the teeth.

Dead Air

Ever listened to radio show where the engineer accidentally kicked the plug out of the wall and now an awkward silence fills the frequency?  And you just know that several somebodys are scrambling around the studio, yelling and cussing as they try to make the lights come on again.  Yeah, its kind of like that.