Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stroke of the pen, law of the land...

Barry the Intern-in-Chief is promising a series of "reforms to the current gun law" in the near future.  The Prez doesn't have time to screw around with the whole legislative process thing, so he plans to use a series of executive orders to presumably dictate that various federal agencies enforce current laws in new and interesting ways.  This ought to be interesting, since I doubt that the administration has any plans to actually liberalize any existing laws, such as making suppressors Title 1 or reinterpreting the Hughes amendment in a more favorable light.  It can be argued that the President lacks the authority to make any changes to federal firearms laws.  At most he can refocus the efforts of federal law enforcement.

Last year the BATFE took a break from harassing people at gun shows and tried to actually catch real criminals, albeit ones outside of the United States.  That didn't work out so well.  If Eric Holder is lucky, some Republican administration won't extradite him to Mexico to face charges of arms smuggling.  I'm breathlessly awaiting an arrest warrant for Mr. Holder to be issued by a Spanish judge.

If the Obama administration approaches this reform task with the same tone-deaf, ham-handed zeal that has become its signature trademark, this will get very interesting.  On the other hand, Obama pretty much lied to the GLBT lobby so maybe the Brady Bunch will get the same brush off.

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