Saturday, June 4, 2011

RIP Joel Rosenberg

I returned home from a vacation this week to read that father, author, and all-around fine guy, Joel Rosenberg had passed away. 

I first discovered Joel Rosenberg's "Guardians of the Flame" series in middle school.  From "The Sleeping Dragon" onward I was hooked.  Then I learned that Joel also wrote darned good military science fiction in "Not For Glory".

I suspected that Joel may have been a gun-guy after I read his incredible "Keepers of the Hidden Ways" series.  There were too many accurate little details for someone just working off of research notes.  Then back in 2004 I ran across Joel on one of the larger firearms-related online bulletin boards; The High Road, I believe.

From there I learned that Joel was a concealed carry instructor and a 2nd Amendment activist.  Better and better!  It wasn't until I found Joel on Facebook that I began following his online work more closely.

Joel and I had quite a bit in common both in interests and life events.  Joel wrote about some family struggles that my family also deals with.  We shared a similar sense of humor and political views.

When I said that Joel was an activist, he really was.  Late last year Joel tested the letter of Minnesota's firearms laws by openly wearing a handgun into a police station.  Joel complied with all legal requirements to do so but the incident resulted in a series of events that placed Joel in very real danger of a jail sentence and permanent loss of his right to own a firearm.  Joel was literally making himself a test case for Minnesota gun rights.  I don't believe that I would have the courage to take the same kind of risk.

Felicia, Judy, and Rachel, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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