Friday, August 26, 2011


First, we learn that a tiny planet with the mass equivalent to Jupiter tightly orbiting a pulsar (a rotating neutron star) is composed primarily of carbon.  At the densities involved, the planet has collapsed into a girl's best friend; diamond.  That's just cool.  It's like a Larry Niven story come to life.

Next, we learn that although the CERN supercollider has yet to destroy everything in a universe-shattering ka-boom, the boffins may have manged to end some lucrative sources of grant money.  It seems that a study of the effects of cosmic radiation upon cloud formation in the Earth's atmosphere appears to indicate that said radiation may play a very significant role, like 50%, in cloud formation and the effects upon the planet's climate.

Here's the money quote:

... we've found that the vapours previously thought to account for all aerosol formation in the lower atmosphere can only account for a small fraction of the observations – even with the enhancement of cosmic rays.
Those "vapours" are also known as greenhouse gases.  Translation:  that giant microwave oven sitting 93 million miles away might have a bigger impact on global temperatures than the incandescent lightbulb in your living room lamp.

Inconceivable!  We have already been told by no less a personage than Albert Gore that "the science is settled" and that denying anthropogenic global warming (AGM) is morally equivalent to denying the Holocaust.  What is wrong with these scientists?  Don't they know that the proper role of Science in the AGM franchise is to accept grant money to further the propoganda machine, thus generating more grant money?  It's the bedrock of the environmental-industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned us all about.

The whole AGM conspiracy is right out of the sixteenth century.  First we have the concept of "carbon credits" where businesses pay money to buy the right to produce gases that will supposedly destroy us all.  It's  just like the indulgences sold by the Roman Catholic Church.  I pay money in advance to commit a sin and everything is forgiven.

We even have heliocentrism making a comeback against the forces of scientific orthodoxy.  To paraphrase Galileo, "It still warms."

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